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From Pastor Jennifer:

If you simply judge books by their covers, you might pass this book by. It’s title is Hang On and Fly: A Post-War Story of Plan Crash Tragedies, Heroism and Survival. There is a scene of hills and a farm and a plane crash on the front cover.  The author is not one that has written a New York Times Bestseller.   

This is not just any book; this is a book about a remarkable woman in my family tree; Ruby Bryant.   Unless you are an aviation buff, the stories would probably not be of any interest to you, but they are to me. On a cold night in December of 1951, the Bryant family and other families worked tirelessly to save survivors of the crash of Continental Charters Flight 44-2 near Little Valley, NY.  When we visit “the family farm” in Little Valley, our kids beg to hike to “the plane crash site.”  No amount of trying to convince them that the crash was over 68 years ago seems to deter their curiosity.  They have heard the story told and they want to see and experience a part of it.   

That’s what happens when you hear part of your story. Something that seems lifeless comes to life. Something that looks dull becomes dynamite, firing up your heart and igniting your imagination. You are reminded that you are part of something bigger than you are, that began before you, and will continue on after you.

That is why God wants you to know his story. It’s found in another book. He wants to take you into his house where he has framed photos of your ancestors––folks you may not know––lining the walls of his house.

Stories of a family patriarch named Abraham whose faith was as great as any. A matriarch named Ruth with courage that would make the most hardened warrior proud. A stubborn Jonah and his improbable fish tale. Impetuous Peter and his big mouth. Persistent Paul and his adventures in preaching.

Yet who he wants most of all for you to meet in his story is his son. He desires for you to look long into the eyes of Jesus Christ and hear his claims that what he began in the first chapter of creation he will realize at the last chapter of the New Creation, where a perfect people can live in a perfect place with their perfect Lord.

Starting Sunday January 12th, you are invited to read Chapter One in The Story with your family.   Read the children’s version to your kids or have them read it to you.  Read the teen version with your teen, or have them read it to you.  Call, Skype, or Facetime with your grandkids.   Read The Story with your spouse before bed or in the morning over a cup of coffee.  During these cold months of winter how wonderful to cuddle up and read the Word of God.  Discover YOUR story in God’s STORY!

The question is, “Are you ready?”  “What are you excited about as we embark on discovering our place in God’s Story?”  “What one question do you have about God’s Story that you hope to discover the answer during our journey?”

Won’t you join our family in discovering our story in God’s story?

                                                                                                                See you in worship,

                                                                                                                Pastor Jennifer