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I pray this finds your family healthy and whole.  Last week, the Green house was hit with half of our family falling ill, including me.  Things seemed to function in slow motion and temperatures were monitored, cough syrup administered, and lots of naps were taken.  The world seemed to be spinning around us as life in our house seemed to come to a stop.

What did happen, was we were able to snuggle and read our chapters from The Story and share a little bit about what they mean for our lives.  I was inspired last week in how despite some significant obstacles and a difficult family life, God was still able to use Joseph to accomplish a mighty and great purpose for God’s Upper Story.

This week we are reading Chapter 4 and this chapter focuses on deliverance of the Israelite people from slavery in Egypt.  They are led by the biblical hero, Moses.  Even if you are fairly new to the biblical story, Moses is a figure with whom most of us are familiar. 

Moses receives his “call” while in the wilderness tending the flock of his father-in-law Jethro.  The call comes in the form of a burning bush.  We are told in the text that although the bush appeared to be burning, it was not consumed by the flames.  Naturally, Moses becomes curious of this bush that has flames, but does not burn up.  He walks over to it.

Here Moses hears a voice from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!”  Moses answers, “Here I am.”

God says, “Do not come any closer, take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”  A conversation ensues, where God tells Moses he is not happy with the slavery of his people in Egypt and wants Moses to lead the people out of Egypt to a land which God promises.

Moses immediately begins giving God excuses of why he is not the right man for the job.  He has trouble believing God could use him.

Do you think his hesitancy came from his own insecurities or from his lack of faith in God? Are there areas in your life where you feel insecure?  How might the story of Moses help you?